about medaxis

Medaxis delivers superior patient outcomes through innovative wound therapy solutions with the Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) line of products and services from Medela and integrates breakthrough technology to optimize the wound bed for healing. Together the Medaxis suite of products sets a new standard of care for wound healing. Previously integrated within the Medela portfolio, Medaxis was reintroduced as an agile, standalone organization in late 2023. Medaxis is part of the Olle Larsson Holding (OLH) family of companies.

About Medaxis

what we do

Wounds are a global public health challenge, causing physical and economic burdens for patients and health care systems, and there are innovative companies that want to be part of the solution. Medaxis is a wound therapy solutions provider that supports patients and healthcare providers in all care settings. Medaxis leverages the proven medical vacuum technology from Medela to provide an optimal environment for wound healing. Unique to the market, Medaxis offerings include breakthrough technology that optimizes the wound bed for healing. This unparalleled portfolio allows Medaxis to deliver wound therapy solutions that set a new standard of care for wound healing. Welcome to wound healing redefined.