medaxis microjet wound therapy solutions

helps the healing process by removing non-viable tissue and debris from the wound bed. It may help provoke microbleeding which is known to assist in healing.

The Medaxis Microjet is Class II exempt and currently marketed under 21CFR 880.5475. The device also was granted Breakthrough Device Designation (BDD) in 2022 by the FDA. This designation is meant to help patients gain faster access to innovative medical technologies that may offer significant advantages over existing therapies.
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Medaxis® microfluid jet wound therapy vs. SOC

Visualization of differences between microfluid jet wound therapy and curette sharp debridement.



Volume flow


Jet push pressure




Jet push pressure

The jet push pressure is the abrasive effect brought about by the microfluid jet by Medaxis. It is the force per area which pushes on the wound surface. This force is dependent on the intensity level selected at the microfluid jet and the distance and angle of the handpiece in relation to the wound surface.


Instruction for use

Microfluid jet

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Microfluid jet