medaxis negative pressure wound therapy solutions

medaxis leverages the proven medical vacuum technology from Medela to provide an optimal environment for wound healing across all care settings. Negative pressure wound therapy delivered from our Invia® systems innovates on the standard of care while delivering optimal financial and patient outcomes.
wound therapy solutions
The Invia® Liberty and Invia Motion® canister-based pumps incorporate our double-lumen FitPad and innovative, electronically controlled feedback system to provide accurate pressure delivery and superior fluid handling at the wound site.

Invia Liberty

+ A proven and versatile system that offers clinical flexibility
+ Choice of pressure settings and therapy modes
+ Promotes patient mobility due to the pump compact size and lightweight design
Invia Liberty

Invia Motion®

+ Delivers the convenience of a personal pump
+ Offers clinical flexibility with a choice of pressure settings and therapy modes
Invia Motion

Invia® NPWT Dressings and Accessories

for use with Invia Liberty and Motion NPWT systems

Invia® Integrated Dressing

+ Sterile “peel-and-stick” dressing indicated for up to 7 days without a wound filler and up to 3 days with a wound filler
+ Designed to work with Invia® Liberty and Invia Motion® NPWT pumps, the Invia integrated dressing evenly distributes pressure and removes exudate
+ Supports closed surgical incision management by reducing the risks associated with surgical site complications
Integrated Dressing
Invia Foam and Gauze dressing kits

Invia Foam and Gauze dressing kits

+ Double lumen FitPad suction interface with Quick-connector

Invia White Foam

+ Hydrophilic open-cell polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) foam
+ Pre-moistened in sterile water with a higher tensile strength than black foam
Invia White Foam
Invia Abdominal Dressing Kit

Invia Abdominal Dressing Kit

+ Provides an effective solution1 for the management of open abdominal wounds with exposed viscera and organs

Invia Silverlon®

+ Antimicrobial wound contact dressing
+ Provides a barrier to bacterial penetration using silver ions activated by moisture delivered in the dressing which can help reduce infection
Invia Y-Connector

Invia Y-Connector

+ Allows treatment of multiple wound sites on the same patient with only one NPWT device

1 Performance data on file at Medela AG
Medela, Invia Motion, and Invia FitPad are registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Liberty is a trademark of Medela. Silverion is a registered trademark of Argentum Medical, LLC and is used with permission

CAUTION: U.S. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.