microfluid jet

for an optimal wound bed preparation and accelerated healing!

The medaxis microjet is an FDA designated breakthrough therapy for ideal wound bed preparation and accelerated healing. Most therapies are limited to a single mode of action. The medaxis microfluid jet not only cleans acute and chronic wounds but provides multiple clinical benefits to promote healing.

+ microbleeding and neovascularization

The microfluid jet provokes microbleeding, which feeds the wound with the oxygen and nutrients needed for neovascularization and tissue growth.

+ stimulation and oxygenation

The stimulation of the wound bed with the microfluid jet increases cellular activity and circulation, which allows the oxygen provided during the treatment to be delivered to the wound.

+ biofilm removal and bacterial load reduction

The Biofilm is a major barrier to wound healing. Its removal by the microfluid jet leads to bacterial load reduction which is important for the healing process.

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Volume flow


Jet push pressure




Jet push pressure

The jet push pressure is the abrasive effect brought about by the microfluid jet by Medaxis. It is the force per area which pushes on the wound surface. This force is dependent on the intensity level selected at the microfluid jet and the distance and angle of the handpiece in relation to the wound surface.